LAX- Files is a fan made book dedicated to the memory of Kim Manners. You could say that this book is a continuance of "X marks the spot" which tells about behind the scenes stuff from season 1-5. LAX Files is made by the fan Erica Fraga.
In collaboration with 40 fans from Los Angeles, informations from the cast and crew including David, Gillian, R.W. Goodwin and Laurie Holden, she got informations and behind the scenes stuff from season 6-9 and Fight the Future.
Also the book has details about the set locations in southern california that makes you able to visit the original locations where The X-Files was filmed. Some highlights are Williams birthplace, the mansion from "How the ghosts stole christmas", the federal building from "Fight the Future" and many more.

The money which she will get from the book selling goes to the American Cancer Society, which was choosen from Kim Manners family.
Erica published a spoiler a few days ago:
"Gillian is not an athlete, so it wasn´t like I could play one on one with her," David Duchovny.

Now you are corious?
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