Maybe some of you remember the Iceland Calendar we were selling last year, maybe some of you even looked at the gorgeous Hafragilfoss in the background of our lava-stone X just now.

The whole thing was much fun for us and we could donate 80 € to Buskaid in the end. That’s why we decided to do it again. :-)


This year’s version is Canada themed, x-files home territory kind of (in two cases even literally). You can have a look at the pictures here:


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The calendar’s dimensions: A3 = 45 x 30 cm (18,5 x 11,81“ ), printed on black paper


Like last year we are selling the calendar to collect some money for Buskaid, we are going to donate the money to the Buskaid-Christmas charity Gillian Anderson is supporting.


Price (shipping included) for 1/2/3/4 calendar(s)

Germany: 27 € (thereof min.  2.50 € for charitiy) / 49 € / 70 €/ 91 €

Europa: 29 € (thereof min. 2.50 € for charitiy) / 51 € / 73 € / 95 €

Rest of the world: US $ 41 (thereof min.  $ 3.50 for charitiy)  / $ 58/ $ 87/ $ 116


If you’d like to order more than 4 calendars (for Gemany only), shipping costs might be less expensive, please send us an e-mail in this case.


Well, if you’d like to buy the calendar, please write an e-mail, your name and address included, to:, than we will send you the payment details. The calendar is regarded as ordered after we received the money.

We are going to collect orders until November 21st 2010, have them all printed and sent then. Thus everyone should have them right in time for x-mas. ;-)

Orders are still possible after this deadline, but the calendar might be more expensive then and we cannot guarantee a shipping until the end of the year then.


If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us via




Unicorn1013 & hotelcalifornia