Past efforts

Dana Scully Birthday Fundraiser 2021

X-Mas fundraiser 2019

 THANK YOU for this amazing X-Mas gift. With your help we raised 315,05 € for That is pretty awesome !🖒

David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson birthday fundraiser 2019

X-Mas fundraiser 2018

As every time : THANK YOU for this amazing X-Mas gift. With your help we raised 688,81 € for That is pretty awesome !🖒  

Gillians Birthday fundraiser 2018

HaPpY BirThDaY to the awesome Gillian Anderson - together with Friends of SAYes, Germany we have raised a fantastic amount of 940,74 € to support SAYes !
Thank you to all donators - you are great !
The winner of our little raffle will be announced later !

"Skinner" fundraiser 2018

We will see our most amazing FBI Assistant Director Walter Skinner on the newest X-Files episode next week. That´s a good reason to start a little fundraiser to support "No kid hungry" and to honor Mitch Pileggi´s great job !



Check out our current effort to support NO KID HUNGRY

Special thanks @MitchPileggi and @Mitch's Pledgies

X-Mas fundraiser 2017

We are super proud to announce the final amount raised from this years X-Mas fundraiser.
2000 € will support SAYes to train and support volunteers to mentor vulnerable young people. This is really awesome and we want to thank everyone who donated things to auction off and everyone who placed a bid up on ebay. Without you it would not have been possible. We are wishing all of you Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year !
BTW >>> 29 days to go

Friends of SAYes, Germany

SAYes annual report 2016

That´s the reason why we love ehat we do

Full report >>> SAYes annual report

Season 11 fundraiser August/September 2017

Season 11 fundraiser 2017

and the winner is :


Congrats Pavel - the winner of our fundraiser ! Thanks to everyone else who joined our fundraiser to support SAYes - thank you Friends of SAYes Germany , thank you Kathy, thank you Maggie, thank you Sandra - thank you to all the beautiful donators from around the world and who helped to spread the word , for all the retweets and shout outs ! We will publish the final result in the next few days.

You are happy about the new X-Files season ?

You want to be part of this season?

This is your chance !

Join the new fundraiser from Friends of SAYes Germany & X-Philanthropy.

One of you has the opportunity to name a character in the upcoming season.


How can you participate ?

1. Donate 10 Euros and you will have one raffle ticket in our lottery. For any additional raffle tickets, donate another 5 Euros extra. This increases your chance to win.

2. Keep your fingers crossed and watch us announcing the winner between July 1th and 5th.

3. The Deadline is June 30th 2017.


The raised money will be donated to SAYes.

Please note:
We can't give you any information about the character, because we don't know how or where or when it will be used. The producer said, in all likelihood it will be a minor character. It could be anything from a victim to an officer or anything else. We just don’t know yet. Most likely we can tell you after filming is done in which episode your name will take part.
The winner should give at least 3-5 names, knowing that only one will be used, but if none of them pass Fox legal the winner have to come up with more options. The names should be male and female and should have name and surename.
Please note also that you may not use a name of a celebrity or other well known characters or personalities such as criminals or convicts. Be creative and create your own name.

Words (names) that don't meet our requirements will be eliminated.


X-Mas fundraiser 2016

Thaaaank you guys sooo much for your help,your support,your retweets,your love and your donations.
You ROCK !!!
We couldn't have done it without your help !
The donations will support Childreach International and SAYes
We wish everyone happy holidays and a happy new year 2017 !

Gillian & David BDay fundraiser 2016

Happy birthday to you,happy birthday to you,happy birthday dear Gillian Anderson , happy birthday tooo yooouuuu.

Thank you very much to all the awesome supporters and donators ! You guys rock ! 600 € for SAYes ! Special thanks Friends of SAYes, Germany

HAPPY BIRTHDAY David Duchovny ! A huge THANK YOU to all the awesome supporters and donators out there ! $ 510 for Target Zero #DavidDuchovnyBirthdayFundraiser artwork by kizuna lee (thx <3 )

Hell or Highwater Europe Tour fundraiser


We will have a little fundraiser during David Duchovnys


"Hell or Highwater" Europe tour

 to support

 Target Zero

 Donate 7 €

and get a

LIMITED EDITION button set designed by the     awesome

 Meg Myers



März 2016 Verlosung



Wir haben zusammen mit Cross Cult - Comics & Romane
 3 der brandneuen Bücher "Vertrauen Sie niemandem" verlost !

Glückwunsch an die Gewinner und viel Spaß beim Schmöckern.

X-MAS fundraiser 2015

$ 280 for NF and 670 € for SAY-es ! That is soooo awesome ! Thank you @ all beautiful supporters out there !

Chris Carter Birthday Video

Birthday Fundraiser 2015

  We got 160 € to support SA-YES ! THANK YOU !!!

Don´t give up fundraiser 2015

Thank you @all donators !


And don´t forget to

buy your EW issue ! ;-)

How exciting would it be to be part of the new X-Files series !?  Well here is your chance !  We have a new fundraiser which gives you the opportunity to live the dream!  If you would love to be a part of this unique opportunity  then all we require from you is a photo of yourself and a minimum donation of 30 Euros or 50 Euros (We have two options) which will benefit Gillian Andersons charity SA-YES.  Your photo will be added to a mosaic collage which will be displayed in one episode of the new X- Files series like in Mulders office or something like that. If this is something that you would love to be a part of, here are the details:

We have two options:

Option 1 :

Send one picture to us and give a minimum donation of 30 Euros.

Option 2 :

Send two pictures to us and give a minimum donation of 50 Euros.


Chris Carter confirmed it and he is very happy that X-Philanthropy and Friends of SA-YES Germany are doing this great fundraiser. He wrote that to us: "It's a dream come true that something you create goes on to create its own goodness and infects people with a spirit of generosity.”

X-Mas Fundraiser 2014

!!!! AMAZING NEWS !!!! Hello everybody ! This year we have a X-Mas gift for Sa-Yes. Our Christmas fundraiser was so successful that the team from Sa-Yes is able to give two more teenagers space in the mentoring programme . We reached a donation of 1.100 € . Merry Christmas and a HUGE THANK you @ all donators, supporters , Sabine and Vanessa from Friends of SA-YES, Germany and Gillian !

The time has come. Days are getting shorter, temperatures are going down and we are proud to present that we will start our X-MAS fundraiser. We have amazing stuff for a few rounds and we are getting big support from our friends of Friends of SA-YES, Germany .This time we are auction the items through their e-bay account. Round one is a spooky one and will start on Halloween. Speacial thanks to Natice - she donated the items and Sandra who created the new banner ! STAY TUNED !

Gillian Anderson Birthday Fundraiser 2014

300 € for SA-YES in honor of Gillian Anderson birthday !


Mentor training

GA charity walk Belfast support April 2014

Scully´s 50th Birthday Fundraiser

Now we can let you know how much money we reached with your help together with heART during the Scullys Birthday fundraiser. An increadible amount came together to help Sa-Yes.

Just have a look...

We want to THANK our partner from heART, all the amazing artists all donators, Sabine and her team from Friends of Sa-Yes Germany e.V. , the Umckaloabo Stiftung who doubled our amount, Gillian Anderson ,Lucy, Dean Haglund, Frank Spotnitz and WB Davis for the autographs and the really cool XF stuff, Natice, Julie and XFilesNews !



3.496,09 €

£ 2,868.56

$ 3,993.40

50.000 South African Rands


from SA-YES



X-Mas charity 2013 for Sa-Yes

We just want to let you know that we reached a final amount of 826,88 € for Sa-Yes Friends of SA-YES, Germany A big THANK YOU to all donators !!!

Fanderson 2013

Finished ALL THINGS MARATHON 2013 hosted by IBG Inc. and we are proud to announce our donation of 600 € to support Sa-Yes !



Fanderson 2012

X-Philanthropy is proud to announce that we have raised the most money of this years All Things Marathon to support ANSA ! Thank you to everyone who was involved. The result of all marathons is undisclosed.

NF Summer Camp 2012

We are very proud to announce that we can donate 305 Euros to NF Germany! Thank you to everybody who helped us and made this happen!

So proud ! X-Philanthropy and Gillian Anderson are mentioned on the NF Summer Camp 2012 T-Shirts !

X-Mas charity 2010

His name is Kgotso and he got our donation which we collect for Buskaid with out christmas charity 2010. This picture was taken while they were performing at the Opera House in Damascus, Syria where the Ensemble went on tour in July 2010.

Buskaid Fundraiser (XF3 Shirts & bags 2010)

Now we are proud to announce that we got 165 Euros to donate to Buskaid. Thanks to everyone who joined the fundraiser.


A little too late or too early X-Mas gift :) June 2010

Hi everyone – as we mentioned before, we collected again for Alyniikira Jr. School.
We already collected 200 Euro for a donation * yay*

And as Fee met Godfrey last month, she gave him a little package for the pupils of the school...
Here are some of the pictures, Godfrey made, when the kids opened the package....


Buskaid fundraiser (X-Con 2009)

Hallo Philes !

You donated money for Buskaid and you want to know for what the money will used for? We recieved some e-mails from Rosemary Nalden, hwo was really surprised about that big donation. She wrote a message to all of you to say thank you and give you a little information about a really sweet child, who will get the money:


One of the great rewards of being involved in Buskaid is that I get to ‘meet’ so many wonderful people from all around the world and that there are so many positive responses to our young musicians. It was a complete surprise to learn about your generous collection and we all want to thank you all very much indeed. I’ve suggested that your money goes towards helping a very sweet little kid who doesn’t have parents and who started coming to Buskaid in the middle of last year. His name is Kgotso, he is eight years old and we think he is talented. Buskaid will be a real home for him and give him many opportunities he won’t otherwise get in the township. So thank you all again – and our very warm wishes to everyone!



As you see, with just a simple Euro you can help kids like Kgotso.

Thank you again for helping Buskaid.

Our first charity in 2008 for the Alinyiikira Junior School



Gillian Anderson Birthday Fundraiser 2009
Gillian Anderson Birthday Fundraiser 2009

Gillian Anderson Birthday Fundraiser 2009


X-Con Charity 2009 for NF



XFM "X-Mas"  charity 2009


Ho Ho Ho!
We reached a total amount of 300 Euros !
Thanks to everyone who joined our charity and helped the Soweto String Project!

Have yourself a merry little christmas...


Frankenbear by Skype-Phile, XFN and IBG