About us

Jana  and Annette , the originators of charitable projects among German Philes, met online in 2007 at XFiles-Mania.de, XFM, Germany's largest forum for online fans of the TV show „The X-Files“.

When an online friend, Maya, went to work at an African school and sent photos back home, the idea of a project formed. So they collected among the members of the forum and were able to make a donation to the school, and buy Christmas presents for the students in 2008. So German fans of the TV-show joined a long tradition of charitable efforts organized by it's fandom.

This started a long series of projects. The Gillian Anderson Birthday Fundraiser 2009 made it's donation to OTSK, a charity project of the actress' choice.

Jana and Annette organized the German Fanderson 2009, where they met Kai Krick, who had written about „The X-Files“ in the 90s, and who subsequently joined the XFM community as hotelkalifornia. They   were also involved in Frankenbear's German travels, the mascot of the Skypephiles, which collected donations for a charitable project of Frank Spotnitz' choice among German fans.

At he XCon in october 2009 in Berlin, buttons were sold for NF, and Pins for Buskaid. At this effort, the "XFM X-Mas Charity 2009", Katrin joined the project as a sponsor for the items and became a member of the group.

At the "X-Con", a fanart contest was held, which was won by Unicorn1013 and hotelkalifornia, who made a cycle of landscape art-photographs in Iceland. These pictures were collected in an calendar, the profits of which will also go to the X-Mas charity project.

After the convention, Jana and Annette decided to get future efforts organized, and keep track of the past ones. So the idea was born to form a group and a homepage, and thus, in November 2009, X-PhilAnthropy was born.